unSilenced – A movie about the beginning of the persecution of Falun Dafa in China

[Thank you, to all of you who attended the move! UnSlienced finished its run at Cinemark Theaters on February 3rd. If the movie is released again, or when it becomes available via download or streaming, we will make an announcement on this blog.]

Unsilenced, a new film by independent filmmaker Leon Lee, is premiering on Friday, January 21st in the Cinemark Cooper Towne Center theater, Somderdale, NJ. and the Cinemark Christiana in Newark, DE. Please see this film and help spread the word about it. Here’s why:

Storyline: When the Chinese Communist Party launched a brutal crackdown against 100 million of its own citizens, a jaded American reporter and a team of university students risked everything to expose the deadly propaganda and fight for freedom. 

Though the story is set in China, the theme is universal.

The film exposes how a state-run propaganda machine can fabricate deadly lies and crush the voices of dissent. It also shows the role that truthful journalism can have in exposing oppression.

Due to the Chinese regime’s influence in Hollywood, no theatrically released movie (except for documentaries) has ever focused on current human rights issues in China. Unsilenced will be the first movie to do so. 

For more information:
Trailer: https://unsilencedmovie.com

Epoch Times article: Unsilenced: Film Exposing China’s Human Rights Abuses Wins Austin Film Festival Award
Epoch Times American Thought Leaders interview with filmmaker Leon Lee: As with most things critical of the Chinese regime, forces were at work trying to obstruct this film. Lee discusses the film and how the Chinese regime controls the narrative about China in the West.